Private Aerial/Acro Lessons

Multiple instructors from all different aerial and acrobatic disciplines offer private lessons at our Greenpoint Loft.
Located at 669 Meeker Ave, Suite 1F
Prices vary by dicipline, teacher, and number of students.
Aerial lessons include Rope, Straps, Chains, Lyra(hoop), Silks, Aerial Pole, & Static Trapeze
Ground/Acro lessons include Handstands, Hand2Hand & Foot2Hand, Pyramids, Break Dancing, Contortion, Tumbling, Juggling and more.
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Independent Private Training/Open Studio

Our Greenpoint loft is available every day (10A-10P) for space/point rental at the rate of $12/person/hr.
We have a front room for training Aerial and a back room for Acro or dance.
Our ceilings are 18ft high. We can rig a personal apparatus, or you can borrow one of ours.
In house we have a set of Alexander Straps, a 32" aerial hoop, 2 pair of silks.
The Back room has 2 4X8 full length mirrors and nice lighting
The flooring of both space is 1" carpet bonded foam
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Teaching Lessons at the Loft

Are you an instructor looking for a place to teach lessons?
Bring your students to the loft for just $12/student/hr
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to inquire about availability or book a slot